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Our vision is to be THE MOST COMPLETE FULL-LINE HOME IMPROVEMENT CENTER in the country, known for excellent quality HOME BUILDING, DESIGN and IMPROVEMENT NEEDS.

Our aim is to become the top-of-mind choice of architects, builders, contractors, designers and engineers (ABCDE) for ALL the products and ALL the services they need, ALL in one convenient location. A true home improvement one-stop shop made for home buyers and home builders alike.


To provide excellent service to all our stakeholders – our partners and suppliers, our employees, and most especially our customers.

To provide the most sought after home building/renovation materials and home interior pieces that industry professionals can purchase or recommend to their clients, effectively expanding Homebar’s customer network.

To provide a home shopping haven that will make Homebar builders, whether professional or otherwise, feel at home and satisfied when shopping.

To encourage Indonesian to build better homes, and better lives for their families.